Solo Stove & Pot 900 Combo


Realm Outfitter Commentary

The Solo Stove is indeed one of my favorite pieces of camping equipment. The success of this item is what led me to purchase the BonFire Solo Stove. These are no joke pieces of equipment, and minus being at high altitude (where everything is more difficult) I can’t really think of an environment this wouldn’t be preferred. Anywhere there is “something” on the ground to burn, small sticks, twigs, grass, etc… the solo stove will process it completely and efficiently. On our last outing in Colorado, my friends both had new Jeb Boil stoves. This literally boiled water faster than they could. The fact the Solo Stove can use anything for fuel means you don’t have to lug around the weight of liquid fuel like my buddies had to. That, plus its lightweight construction, makes the Solo Stove the most lightweight and effective stove on the market. I have several titanium stoves, some alcohol, and some wood burning, but the patented design of Solo Stove gives you a hotter and more efficient burn (less clean up). My titanium (Vargo) wood-burning stove gets gummy with the pitch of unburnt wood, and it also burns less efficiently, requiring me to blow and maintain the fire.

For the Solo Stove I’ve found, like with any fire, get your sticks and twigs together before you start. The Solo Stove is very forgiving with its clean and steady burn so you can typically address it before it goes out, but having your pile ready to go is a good first step. Getting it started is also the only other challenge, but that is the same with any fire. A lighter will do the trick, just as it does with a Jet Boil. Once started you’ll want to let it always completely burn out. Don’t worry, this process doesn’t take long. Otherwise adding more twigs and sticks into the feed port is all you have to do. Like the product claims, it boils water fast. Not sure exactly how, but it does. Like with all Realm Outfitter recommended products, you won’t regret purchasing the Solo Stove Combo.


Product Description

  • Ultralight Wood Burning Backpacking Cook System
  • Brand Solo Stove
  • Fuel Type Wood
  • Material Stainless Steel
  • Power Source Gas Powered
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH 6.2 x 6 x 5.1 inches
  • Item Weight 1.4 Pounds
  • Solo Stove Lite Tech Specs
  • ​Packed size: Height 6.7 inches, Width 7 inches
  • Assembled size: Height 9.25 inches, Width 7 inches
  • Weight: 2.2 lbs
  • Materials: 304 stainless steel, nichrome wire
  • Pot 900 Tech Specs
  • ​Weight: 7.8 oz
  • Height: 4.5 inches, Diameter: 4.7 inches
  • Material: Food Grade 304 stainless steel
  • Max Volume: 30oz


PATENTED DESIGN – LESS SMOKE. The patented design features a unique double wall that creates ultra-clean gasification and secondary combustion. This allows fuel to burn more completely and with less smoke.


LIGHTWEIGHT & FAST BOIL TIME. Boils water in 8-10 mines (34 flu oz. water). 4.25″ Diameter, 3.8″/5.7” tall (packed/assembled). Solo Stove weighs only 9 oz. Made of premium stainless steel and chrome wire. Nylon stuff sack included.

COMPACT SPACE-SAVING DESIGN. The compact Solo Stove design nests inside the companion Solo Stove Pot 900 (included) leaving you with more room in your backpack. Solo Stove Pot 900 is 4.5” (height), 4.7” (diameter). Weight 7.8 oz. Max volume 30oz.

Why Solo Stove?

All Solo Stoves burn hotter fires using less fuel with Solo Stove’s patented design and unique secondary combustion. Our lightweight and compact wood-burning stoves are recommended by Backpacker Magazine and serious survivalists including Discovery Channel’s Matt Graham. Solo Stove won the Gear of the Year award from 50 Campfires & Section Hiker and is a must-have for all serious backpackers, survivalists, and campers.

Unique Airflow System

Designed with a double-wall, the Solo Stove has unique airflow properties which makes it extremely efficient. The air intake holes on the bottom of the stove channel air to the bottom of the fire while at the same time, channels warm air up between the walls of the stove. This burst of preheated oxygen feeding back into the firebox through the smaller holes at the top of the stove causes a secondary combustion. This allows the fire to burn more completely which is why there is very little smoke during full burn. A more efficient burn also means you’ll use much less wood compared to an open campfire.

Pot 900 Features

  1. Volume Markings
  2. Easy Pour Spout
  3. Easy to Use Lid
  4. Double Fold Out Handles

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